Sun Jam

Details for our summer fun tournament are here.

One-day hat tournament on Saturday, June 23 at King Edward Park. (Yes people we are local and central). The focus is on player development and spirit of the game while celebrating the PUL community. (Yes we think it’s worth celebrating).

Open to ALL levels of play.

Captains will do their best to make evenly matched teams. Tournament format will be round robin plus finals

More importantly, there are prizes to be won, for both Most Spirited and Most Skilled.

$20 per player.

Max 5 teams.

After party at the Gordon Best. ($5 at the door for those not participating in the tourney).

Register Here.

Seeking a Thursday Indoor Coordinator

A million rubber pellets await thee.

Once again, we are on the hunt for a committed volunteer to fill some big shoes. This time, it is to replace the eminently magnificent, and now boardly supreme, Holly McEnaney,  as coordinator of our Thursday indoor leagues.

Duties for this position run mainly in the fall and winter: setting up the leagues, recruiting players and captains where necessary. League coordinators also sit on the Membership Committee which meets roughly four times over the year.

Find the full details of the position here. Any questions, feel free to ask. Letters of intent can be sent to George Kovacs:

Deadline is June 8, 2018.