Registration now fixed

Zuluru is once again working as it should.

If you put your name in earlier this morning through the temporary form, you should be manually loaded into the registration of your choice (we didn’t pay for you, though…you’ll still have to do that). Please double check that you are registered for the correct night, and contact the relevant league coordinator if there’s a problem.

Remember: only past indoor veterans are signing up right now, and for one night only.

Indoor registration starts this weekend

Stack of Discs at Spiplex

Doubling down here a little bit, but all active players from this summer and past winter should have received a couple of emails about indoor. If you haven’t please check your spam/junk filters.

The details are as follows:

September 23 (7:00 am): Veterans sign up for one night
September 30 (7:00 am): Anyone may sign up for one night
October 7 (7:00 am): Anyone (including vets) may sign up for a second night
October 14 (7:00 am): Registration closes.

It all happens through the mighty Zuluru.

Note that “vets” means players who have played in the past. League Coordinators Sam Morris and Chlo√© Corbeil have been in touch. If you think you should be getting an email, and haven’t got anything, please let us know!