Junior Teams to Nationals

This past weekend we had our Junior Women and Junior Open Athletes compete at Regionals in Ottawa. It was a hot sunny weekend with lots of gusty winds and hard playing games.

The Junior Women teamed up with the Durham Club to create Nightfury Soars, and placed 3rd. The Junior Open team Rogue Squadron placed 5th, both winning them spots at Nationals in August in Brampton.

Coaches could not be happier with the hard work and dedication of their athletes.

Congratulations to all.

NightFury Soars 2018 RegionalsRogue Squadron 2018 Regionals

Wednesday is half done, well begun

Wednesday First Half Trophy

Wednesday saw the close of round one this week. Captains will redraft the teams and start a whole new run for glory next week.

Congratulations to Great White Buffalo: The Moby Dick of the Great Plains for taking the first half of the Wednesday trophy. Will captain Kate be able to complete the puzzle? We shall see!

Congrats too to Big Red for winning the Carbon Flip!

Interested in all this fun people are having? There might just be time to get in on the second half of the season: contact summerwednesday@pultimate.ca to throw your name in the ring!

Heat Warning means later games

The sun hates you.

Environment Canada has a Heat Warning in effect though the rest of the week. That means we’re putting some safety measures into effect.

This week, games will start at 7:15 and will be played to a point cap of 13 (win by two, no higher than 15). Captains might want to talk about taking extra water breaks as well or commit to using all timeouts.

Anyone feeling the effects of the heat should not play, and should not be encouraged to play. Get them off the field, get them to shade, and get them some water.