Indoor: Spots remain for female players

Chloé Corbeil

Both indoor nights are poised to launch. Male spots are full, with waiting lists, but both nights could use a few more female players to round out the rosters. Register through Zuluru if you’re interested, and if you’re sitting on the fence, why not give either the Monday or Thursday Coordinators a shout? They tell you whether indoor ultimate is right for you (hint: it is). Heck, that’s your Thursday coordinator right there in that picture.

We’ll also be setting up the indoor sub list shortly. Interested players will be able to register there.

Glorious pickup for a glorious day

Pickup is fun

Put on an extra shirt, and it is a fine, fine day for some pickup ultimate. It’s happening today (Sunday) at 3 pm at Bonnerworth Park! A light shirt, a dark shirt, water, cleats. It’s an easy list and an easy choice to make!

Eye Candy of Fun

All hands in

To follow up with the Harvest post, let’s take a look at some of the fun that was had.

Top Winners of Harvest 2018

Bus – Championship Winners of 2018 Harvest.

Jive Turkey – Championship Runners Up

Braggarts Bushel Winners

Candy Shop – Braggarts Bushel Winners

Kyle throwing the disc Henry Kate and opponent Skwash CheerKerri and Steph