Exhibition Week for Tuesday League

Game on!


Tuesday May 15th kicks of Tuesday Summer League with clinic style exhibition match ups. Meet at your fields at 6:45pm. Time cap is 8:35pm. Bring a light and dark shirt just in case. Have Fun!

Match Ups

Just Disc League Honey Badgers Holy Cross 1
Discrhythmia Floppy Discs Holy Cross 2
Throwback Electric City Stunners Fleming Turf 1
High Frizz Mighty Hucks Fleming Turf 2
Sloth Assault Hard to Get St. Pete’s 1
The Eh Team Purple Hayze St. Pete’s 2
Wouldchucks Steel Traps Bridgenorth 1
Mayhem Limp Discit Bridgenorth 2
Mother Huckers Birches be Wild Adam Scott 1
Tequila and Lime Taco Tuesday Adam Scott 2


Juniors At Bridgenorth

Pul Juniors girl cutting for the disc

The Juniors Recreational Program will be running tonight out in Bridgenorth. Start time is 6:30. Come a little early to get your child organized with their team.

Can’t wait to see everyone!