Foot blocks are in, but c’mon…

Not a legal ultimate move.

Just a reminder to all players: foot blocks are legal in the rules of ultimate, but dangerous if executed improperly. Remember, disc space is important: A full disc width between the handler and the line of any two points on the defenders body (no wrapping!). We’ve already had one broken hand, and would like to avoid any more.

Any foot block within that space should be considered a dangerous play, and called as such. Any other movement in that space is a violation, and can be called: marker steps back, and drops the count by two without stopping.

Captains are encouraged to discuss foot blocks before the game, and if there’s any concern about their safety, to ban them from that game (don’t turn over the disc, but treat as a violation as above).

“Chloé Corbeil” rhymes with “Indoor Thursday”

Chloé Corbeil

I’m no poet, but I know what sounds good: Chloé Corbeil will be the new League Coordinator for our Thursday Indoor seasons! She replaces the mighty Holly McEnaney in that role, and we’re all excited to have her on board!

With the weather forecast this week, the last place you’ll want to be is under a huge plastic dome. Let’s not hasten them, but those days will return. Look to this space for more updates toward the end of summer.

Less Sun but more Fun…Sun Jam 2018


A great time was had by one and all at our first Sun Jam tournament! Players from all over the league came together for some creative team building, wacky spirit games, and of course great ultimate. A little drizzle and some cloud cover kept things from overheating. Congrats to Hippie Long Stockings for edging their way to victory by a one-point margin!

And a huge thanks goes out to TD Holly Simpson, aided and abetted by Steph Wood, who secured the Gordon Best for the after party, and Myles Latter of the Player Development Committee, and a host of other volunteers helping with set up, take down, and all sorts of things in between. Thanks so much for your hard work!