Heat Warning means later games

The sun hates you.

Environment Canada has a Heat Warning in effect though the rest of the week. That means we’re putting some safety measures into effect.

This week, games will start at 7:15 and will be played to a point cap of 13 (win by two, no higher than 15). Captains might want to talk about taking extra water breaks as well or commit to using all timeouts.

Anyone feeling the effects of the heat should not play, and should not be encouraged to play. Get them off the field, get them to shade, and get them some water.

Spots Available for Wed League

Disc Being Picked Up Off Grass

As we are halfway through the season, Wed League is about to do a mid-season shuffle of the teams. We have a few spots for players interested in joining the second half of the season. It is still co-ed 7v7 league open to all levels. Second half of the season will start July 11th. Cost is $40. If you have any questions or are interested in joining please email Tara at summerwednesday@pultimate.ca by July 8th.

Foot blocks are in, but c’mon…

Not a legal ultimate move.

Just a reminder to all players: foot blocks are legal in the rules of ultimate, but dangerous if executed improperly. Remember, disc space is important: A full disc width between the handler and the line of any two points on the defenders body (no wrapping!). We’ve already had one broken hand, and would like to avoid any more.

Any foot block within that space should be considered a dangerous play, and called as such. Any other movement in that space is a violation, and can be called: marker steps back, and drops the count by two without stopping.

Captains are encouraged to discuss foot blocks before the game, and if there’s any concern about their safety, to ban them from that game (don’t turn over the disc, but treat as a violation as above).