Add a Little Sunshine

Wednesday First Half Trophy

Sad we’re not starting games this week?

So are we.

Which is why we are proposing all Wednesday night players come and meet up at the Only Cafe,* Wednesday evening around regular PUL time, 6:45ish, to hang out and talk ultimate (like maybe some 5v5 strategy).

Or, maybe you want to just come and meet your team in the flesh. Or have an excuse to go enjoy a bevy. Either way, it’s a great way to have fun despite the weather.

Hope to see you there.

*Only Cafe is located at 216 Hunter St W, Peterborough, ON K9H 2L1

No League Games this week


Given the news of flooding across Ontario and Quebec, we in Peterborough should be counting ourselves lucky. But the local consequences of all this rain? All league games are cancelled for May 14, 15, 16. Sorry for the late notice, but we wanted to wait as long as we could in case of some sort of sunny miracle.

Unfortunate, but we just can’t risk destroying the fields for the whole summer. We’ll be keeping an eye on the fields all week. Hopefully we get some real sunshine for the long weekend!

Juniors, alternate arrangements have been made: check your email.

Field Update


The official word from those at Peterborough City is, the fields are open.


It comes with an issued warning. We are to use them at our discretion. And any fields we wreck we end up paying for.


More importantly, if we wreck the fields in the short term we won’t be able to play in the long term.


We are asking for your continued patience from our PUL community. We will be making a final decision regarding our start date on Monday.