Results for Week #6

8-week Rule Challenge

There is good news and bad news. The good, 83% of respondents got 100% on this quiz, with the overall average of 9.78/10. The bad news, there were only 18 of you. Well done my hard core players. You either really know your stuff, or I made the quiz too easy, maybe both, but I’ll go with you really knowing the rules!

Most of the hard core players apparently reside on the Greyhounds team, so they have remained the leaders. I believe it will take a huge amount of effort for them to topple from the top.

The winner of our PUL swag this week is Brett Carl from Purple Haze. Congrats to you.

Team Week #5 Week #6 Total
GreyHounds 12 10 62
Floppy Discs 7 5 27
Purple Haze 5 2 21
Riverside Scorpions 3 1 18
Taco Tuesday 2 17
Cobra 3 6 17
Mettle 1 2 14
Wednesday 5 12
Discpicable 2 2 12
Trailview Trappers 1 1 8
Thundercuts 2 7
Pinko 2 2 7
Who Needs Glasses 6
Huckaholics 1 6
Vertigo 2 6
Mother Huckers 1 5
Just Disc League 2 5
Discfunctional 2 5
Meh Yam 3
Big Rats 1 3
Gravity 1 3
Birches Be Wild 2
The Eh Team 2
Stripey 1 2
Discrhythmia 1
Gripe 1
Tequila & Lime 1
Corduroy Ptarmigans 1

We have two weeks left of rule quizzes. Up this week Fouls, Fouls & More Fouls.

Good luck to all participants.

Stage 3 and What it Means

With the Ontario government reopening nearly all businesses and public spaces Friday July 17th some will ask the obvious, what does that mean for PUL and ultimate?

The short answer is we do not yet know.

In order for us to run any official games, we will need to have city approval and there is much to be done at the city level before opening up can happen. PUL will also be reviewing all safety protocols.

One thing we can promise though, is we will keep the lines of communication open and we will let you know what the game plan is once it’s fully formed.

Until then, continue to stay safe