Lost & Found

Sometimes we forget to pick up after ourselves. Sometimes we are in a rush and forget to pack up everything that belongs to us. Either way, it sucks when you get home and realize you’ve left something behind.

When that happens come to the Lost & Found Page.

If someone has claimed a lost item they can contact your Operations Coordinator, who will post a picture of said item and contact information of who has it, to the lost & found page.

Go on, check it out.

There is stuff waiting to be claimed…

Sometimes We All Need a Reminder

Fouls are a part of ultimate, the game we all love to play. As ultimate is a self-officiating game, it is up to the individuals playing to make the call. How to call a foul, and more importantly, how to deal with a foul that has been called is important. Dealt with properly can add to the Spirit of the Game. Dealt with poorly can completely distract, and leave people with a bad taste.

On how to deal with fouls, check out this short video made by USA Ultimate – Ultimate 101.

Thanks USA Ultimate – Ultimate 101 for this.

Four key points to remember when a call is made:

1. PAUSE – Take a second to think objectively about the play before responding – did I foul them? Did I affect their play on the disc? This brief pause will often avoid reactionary comments and can help with resolving the call.

2. LISTEN – Not everyone sees the same situation in the same light. Two players with a very good view of a situation can still see different things happening. Be aware of this when trying to resolve calls.

3. DISCUSS – There are always two sides. Briefly, and calmly, share your opinion and viewpoint. Important to note: If you were not involved in the call, or asked for clarification on a rule, zip it. Your opinion is not needed.

4. DECIDE – Was it a foul? If it was, rectify and play on. However, maybe you thought it was, but turns out it wasn’t. That’s okay, you can change your mind. It’s how we learn.

Are These Yours?

Please claim me!

These cleats and water bottle were left at the Dome, not last Thursday, but the week before. Nobody has yet claimed them. If they are yours, please contact Dave French, aka Frenchie If not claimed by this coming Thursday, he will put them in the Spiplex Lost & Found.