Juniors Competitive U14-U19

The PUL Juniors Competitive Club Program is focused on providing a positive, fun and competitive environment for youth to develop skills, grow as athletes and excel in the sport of ultimate. PUL is seeking to promote a brand of youth ultimate that is focused on Spirit of the Game alongside team and individual development and will provide the opportunity for youth to experience playing ultimate at a provincial level.  

There is both a Junior Open (Men’s) team, Rogue Squadron. As well as a Junior Women’s team, Soar. Soar has amalgamated with Durham’s Nightfury women’s team the last two years. Both teams are for youth who are aged 13-18.

Please note that the competitive teams do not play in a league, but instead, participate in a program structured more around in-depth practices, with participation in tournaments and the exhibition games.

Important 2018 Dates:

One day Callahan tournament in Durham Saturday, May 26

JuniorRegionals – July 6-8th Ottawa

Junior Nationals – August 12-15

Click here if you are interested in playing with Rogue Squadron or Soar to complete a registration form.

Please note that financial assistance may be available. Please complete this document or contact  Jocelyne Stone at operations@pultimate.ca.

Soar with Durham Nightfury, 2016
Rogue Squadron, 2016
Soar, 2016
Soar, 2016

Soar, the Girl’s U19 Competitive Ultimate Team has amalgamated again with Durham Nightfury and coaches Bob & Megan Green for the upcoming season. With hopes to build on our successful qualification for Nationals last year, we are really looking forward to another upcoming season with these talented young women.

Callahan Tournament in Durham Saturday May 27th

Both Soar and Rogue Squadron took part in the one-day Callahan tournament at the end of May.

Due to the high number of Soar/Nightfury girls who could attend, we had enough players to split into two teams! Both teams did so well in their respective games and we ended up combining together for the final game of the day. We are pleased to say that Soar/Nightfury placed 2nd at the tournament. Being paired with the older and more experienced players of Nightfury, the Soar ladies learned a lot and increased their level of play immensely. Kerri and Jocelyn could not have been happier with the ladies and their upbeat attitudes and performances.

We are looking forward to the next tournament and can’t wait to see these young women continue to develop their game over the summer.

Rogue Squadron also played their hearts out. With only 13 teammates able to attend, those there certainly got their fair share of playing time. The first match up was against Toronto’s second seeded team, Uproar. Much to the surprise of the veteran members of Rogue Squadron, they got the first two points of the game. An even greater surprise, they only lost by one. When they met up with them again the semi finals our players had lost much their steam and fresh legs and lost, but ended up placing fourth overall. Todd and Jocelyne were proud of the way they played. Well done Rogue.

Thanks to Eye to Ngai for the photos.