Discipline Policy

The overriding objectives are to maintain a fun and safe environment at all games and PUL sanctioned events and to maintain good relationships with our field providers and the public. Participation in any PUL function signifies acceptance of this policy. This policy complements the Code of Conduct and Safe Conduct Policy and applies whenever you are representing PUL, which means the whole time you are at the playing field–before, during and after your game.

Any incident that goes against these policies warrants an Incident Report. All incidents will be investigated and resolved in a timely manner. Repeat offenders will be be dealt with more harshly than first time offenders given their full awareness and understanding of the implications.

Suspension of Membership will be decided upon by the Board and could occur for the following reasons:

  • If the Member has failed to abide by the bylaws
  • If the Member has consistently conducted themselves in a manner that is harmful to players on the field or otherwise violates PUL’s policies on aggressive behaviour (see PUL Safe Conduct Policy)
  • If the Member has consistently disregarded spirit of the game on the field and has failed to correct his or her behaviour after being warned by the Board.

The affected Member will receive at least two weeks notice of the Board’s intention to discuss the issue of the Members’ suspension.