Thank You

I got a message from a member of our PUL community, who also happens to be a nurse, asking if I could send out a thank you to our members. I think it’s best for you to read their words:

“I’m not sure if you have read in the paper or social media about the community and emergency services coming and doing a parade,¬† honking, drive by the hospital at shift change for the last week. It has been incredible! The community has been so supportive and brought many of my colleagues to tears. I know that everyone in the PUL community that works at the hospital is incredibly touched! Especially for those not working at PRHC but in the PUL community that have come and been waving signs saying “we love you nurses.” Or “thank you for everything you do PRHC.”¬†

I have seen many familiar PUL faces and I was wondering if a PUL message could be sent out thanking our community from all of us at the hospital for being supportive! I wasn’t sure if you could do that for me and all of us at the hospital.”

When I first read this, I got it backwards. I was thinking this person was asking how we could thank our PUL members who also happen to work at the health unit, the hospital, in labs and doctors offices, that are putting themselves in riskier situations to help keep us safe.

But no, this person wanted me to thank you, the PUL community.

And this is number 934th reason why I appreciate this community so much.

Thank you to all.

Improve Your Throwing Skills

Ultimate Rob

While we wait to see what will become of our season, you can still bring a bit of ultimate into your world by practicing your throwing skills.

Frisbee Rob (also known as Ultimate Rob…who was coming here to give a throwing clinic) has 6 Guinness World Records, 13 World Championships and the Canadian Distance Record…and has video tutorials to help break down some throwing drills.

First up, Kung Fu Throwing

Please note: We are not suggesting you go to a park and practice with a friend, but if you have a family member that’s self isolating with you, go outside (staying away from other people, and with a sanitized disc) and get some practice in.

To learn more of what Rob has to offer, check out his page.

Have fun, and be well.

PUL Case Tested Negative

Remember that good juju I talked about? Good job, PUL! 

The player from the early game on March 12 at the Spiplex has tested negative.

That’s a HUGE shoutout to our Public Health Unit for getting those results so quickly.

Sorry for the fright everyone, but I’d rather it went from alarms to relief than the other way round. Let this be a reminder to us all of how serious this situation is. Take your precautions and stay healthy.