4×4 Tournament in Hastings – Next Weekend!

Just got word from Alyne and Blue, who run the Ultimate Experience, that there will be a 4 on 4 ultimate tournament happening at Hastings Field House on November 9, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. There is still room for a few teams to enter.

The Ultimate Experience runs a 4 on 4 circuit all around Ontario, and have hosted a few successful such tourneys at the Spiplex.

So, you and three friends (or more if, you know, you don’t want to die) could band together and spend next Saturday morning playing some fast paced ultimate!

You can find all of the details here.

Second round of Indoor Signup now open

123, 45, 678910, 11, 12 and It's Not Easy Being Green

Just a reminder to all you fine folks, the second round of indoor is now open. You may now sign up for a second night of ultimate in a season you are not currently signed up in (i.e., fall players can sign up for a winter session and vice versa).

Thursday Fall is now full for male players, and Thursday Winter is pretty close, though you may add yourself to a waiting list and see what happens. With extra time and the potential for extra teams, there is lots of room on Monday nights for either gender.

Questions about which night is for you? Get in touch with either LCs Dana (Monday) or Chloé (Thursday)!

Pickup on Sunday!

Pickup is fun

Sorry about the last-minute notice, but with pickup guru Tanya out of town, we almost missed the posting…

But LOOK OUTSIDE. How can we NOT play some pickup ultimate???

So, the usual: 3 pm Sunday, Bonnerworth Park (McDonnel & Monaghan). Bring a light shirt, a dark shirt, water, and cleats if you got ’em.

All are welcome! Seriously, when are we next going to get weather like this? It’ll be a while, I’m telling you…