Thursday Playoffs Are Go!


Bring your cheers, bring your jeers, bring your possibly rhyming beverages: it’s Thursday playoff season once again. This from LC Chloé Corbeil:

They’re finally here! It’s playoff time! 

Here’s our schedule for week one: 

  • Game C  (6:30) : Mah-na, Mah-na (5) vs Huck-a-Snuffleupagus (6)
  • Game A (7:50): Aunt Flo-rence Nightengale (1) vs 123,45,678910,11,12 (4)
  • Game  B (9:10): Snuffleupadisc (2)  vs It’s Not Easy Being Green (3)

Schedule for finals week: 

  • Game E (6:30): Winner Early Game vs Higher Seeded loser of A/B
  • Game D (8:00): Winner A vs Winner B (Championship game)
  • Game F (9:20): Loser C vs Lower Seeded Lower of A/B

Looking forward to it! 

Gender Parity is sooooo 2019

Some momentous things going down for the future, folks.

Gender Parity: On Wednesday night, the PUL Board voted unanimously to move to a gender parity model for our team-based leagues, starting in the summer of 2019. Tuesday and Thursday will adopt Ratio Rule A, which essentially switches the gender ratio every two points. This is a decision a long time in the making, and with it we are following WFDF, Ultimate Canada, and many other leagues across the country.

Recognizing that this is a big change (but maybe not as big as many think), we are finalizing a document that 1) explains the rationale behind this change, and 2) lays out PUL’s strategy for helping teams meet the demands of the ratio rule. We recognize that some teams will transition more easily than others, but we are positive that with some support, all teams can succeed, and growth of the league will follow. Expect another post and an email with all this and more.

Masters League: PUL stalwarts Julie Simard and Cam Taylor presented a proposal to the Board to create new (Grand)Masters aged division within PUL. Many thanks to them for all their hard work, and thanks to all who took time to answer their survey.

After reviewing the proposal, the Board concluded that 1) there is a definite need for a division that can accommodate our ever more distinguished players, and 2) there is no current consensus as to how this division should function (what night, what format, etc). Because we want this initiative to have every chance to succeed, and because the gender parity piece above is going to demand a lot of attention, the Board has agreed to support this initiative for the summer of 2020.  You can expect us to be looking for more data over the coming months as we determine exactly how this thing will work.

There is a Sub List for Indoor

Didn’t get into the league of your choice in time? Looking for some occasional Spiplex turf-high? There is now a registration event on Zuluru for anyone wishing to play an occasional game.

Cost is $30 for up to 4 games. If you don’t pay right away, your name will still appear on the list, but we’ll ask that you pay before you actually pay. If you pay and end up not playing, you can get in contact with PUL, and we will likely be able to reimburse.

Same list for both nights, but you can indicate a preference for one night or both. Sign up happens on the PUL site here, payment happens here on Zuluru.