No League Games this week


Given the news of flooding across Ontario and Quebec, we in Peterborough should be counting ourselves lucky. But the local consequences of all this rain? All league games are cancelled for May 14, 15, 16. Sorry for the late notice, but we wanted to wait as long as we could in case of some sort of sunny miracle.

Unfortunate, but we just can’t risk destroying the fields for the whole summer. We’ll be keeping an eye on the fields all week. Hopefully we get some real sunshine for the long weekend!

Juniors, alternate arrangements have been made: check your email.

Tonight’s the Night!

All hands in

It all starts at 6:00 pm, with business commencing at 6:30. The bar is open, the snacks are ready to go. Get your PUL discs and socks on site, and learn about how to get even more swag through VC.

And hey! We’ll be electing our new Board members for the 2019-2020 year. Come and have your say and, oh I don’t know, maybe even volunteer for the Board! We’ve got three spots to fill.

It all happens at the Peterborough Rugby Clubhouse, corner of Parkhill and Armour.

Folks, it’s going to be AGMAZING.

Play with the Next Generation

A million rubber pellets await thee.

Jenny Rivada over at Trent is working hard to kickstart a varsity-level team! There’s interest, but they’ve got to build and you build ultimate by playing ultimate. One of their first events is a combination clinic and scrimmage at the Spiplex on March 9, starting at 7 pm.

To keep the dome warm (and paid for), they’re opening it up to the PUL community at large. Hey…there are much worse things to do with a Saturday night! Get out there, run around, and say hello to the next generation.

Cost is $20, and they’ll have the dome for two or three hours, depending on numbers. Contact Jenny at jenny.rivada (a), and be prepared to e-transfer cash to her by March 7: starving students and all that.

The whole endeavour is numbers dependant so getting in touch sooner is better than later.