Thank you Wrap Up

April is not yet over, but our volunteer bio thank you’s are. Not because we don’t have more volunteers to thank, we do (see the list below), but perhaps they don’t like writing about themselves.

Thank you to:

  • Brad Sawdon
  • Andrew Smith
  • Myles Latter
  • Don Helleman
  • Sarah Helleman
  • Phil Reid
  • Stephen MacDougall
  • Brent Smith
  • John Desbiens
  • Ben Garvey
  • Glenn Desy
  • Steve Armitage
  • Moira Kennedy
  • Jenn Brewer
  • Karen Melville
  • Dave Johnston
  • Ryan Luscombe
  • Isaac Fortin
  • Luky Corfu
  • Gabe Huebsch
  • Michelle Calderon
  • Lily Russell
  • Jocelyn Blazey
  • Kyle Hunter
  • Gabe Robinson

I’ll leave you with one more bio for good measure.

George Kovacs – Currently the PUL President. But he’s worn many hats, as you can tell from the pic above.

Name: George Kovacs
Hometown: Huntsville, ON
Years Playing Ultimate: 19

Favourite Ultimate Memory: That time it gave me a wife. Love you, Emily!

Why do you still play Ultimate?Why would I stop?

What’s your “signature play” or throw?I’m torn between the sneaky D taking away the hard in or the in-bounds one-handed ballerina catch on O. Both so satisfying!

Who’s another PUL player you love to play with, and why?
Almost all of them! One of the best moments on the PUL calendar is that week before a draft league or tourney (Indoor, Summer Wednesday, Sun Jam), and find out who you’re playing with. Inevitably, there is 1) that one player you love, but haven’t teamed with in what feels like forever; 2) that one player you’ve always wanted to team with but somehow never have; and 3) that player you don’t even know, but is going to turn to be so much fun to play with. I’ve never had a draft team that didn’t yield all three of these pleasures.

What do you do other than play Frisbee?
I’m a prof at Trent. I get paid to read and think about and talk about Greek and Roman myth and literature. It’s awesome.

A Huge Shout Out

Kerri and Steph
Steph Wood (right) Kerri Kightley (left). These two phenomenal women have done so much for PUL. Both have been on the Board. Both have coached Juniors. Both have run clinics. (Steph is running a clinic tonight!)

Name: Stephanie Ann Wood
Hometown: Peterborough, Ontario 
Years Playing Ultimate: I don’t know, 6?

Favourite Ultimate Memory: Ah! So many! The first game I was able to play after knee surgery. Nothing CRAZY happened, I was just able to PLAY again. 🙂

Favourite thing about Peterborough Ultimate League: The moves that this league is constantly making towards being more progressive & inclusive. 

Why did you start playing Ultimate? Two Words: Kerri Kightley 

Why do you still play Ultimate? Being able to play at all levels of competition with my friends & continuing to make new friends! 

What’s your “signature play” or throw? Shooter’s gotta shoot. 

What’s a skill you’re working on right now? Patience. Jumping. Upwind Hucks. Layouts. Kindness. The list is endless..

Favourite tournament and why?: Harvest. Why? Because it’s the best tournament of the year!

Weirdest thing you ever dressed up as for an ultimate tournament?: A cookie. 

What do you do other than play Frisbee (e.g. work, fun, family)?  I work at the Only Cafe & Providence. I have fun, occasionally, outside of playing Ultimate. I love donuts & cappuccinos. My family still don’t fully understand my obsession with Ultimate Frisbee… they’ll come around. 

Kerri Kightley is a quiet sort. But she’s been playing Ultimate since her youngest was 6 weeks old. With the amount of ultimate she’s played I’m sure she’s got some great memories. We thank her just the same.

We’ve Got More to Thank

Emily Burns – Junior Recreational Coach

Name: Emily Burns
Hometown: Bridgenorth
Years Playing Ultimate: 5 years 

Why did you start playing Ultimate?  I grew up watching my dad play and he was an active member in the PUL community. 

Favourite tournament and why?  Nationals 2017 and Nationals 2018. I had so much fun playing with a great group of girls. A lot of hard work and skill development paid off! 

Favourite ultimate memory: In 2017 when we played in the mud on the Markham fields. We slid more than we ran. 

Kevin Coulter – Junior Recreational Coach

Name: Kevin Coulter
Hometown: Whitby originally, but I have lived in Peterborough for 17 years now.
Years Playing Ultimate: 14

Favourite thing about Peterborough Ultimate League: Meeting so many amazing people and life-long friends. Watching students develop the skill at an early age.

Why did you start playing Ultimate? Was looking for a co-ed sport to play with my wife.  We wanted to get some exercise and meet people in Peterborough.

What’s your “signature play” or throw? The Hammer !

Who’s another PUL player you love to play with, and why? Ian Potts, we started this sport together and have been on multiple teams together.  He’s a great friend and we know how to read each other on the field.

What’s a skill you’re working on right now? Just trying hard to keep up with the youth and not having a heart attack!