Need A Team

We Want You

There’s some moving and shaking in the PUL world right now as teams secure rosters for this upcoming summer season.

Some teams have decided to fold and move potentially leaving you as a displaced player. Or, maybe you are struggling to find women to round out your roster with the new gender parity rules.

Either way, if you are looking for a team, or a captain searching for a a new player there is the “Request to Join a Team” list.

For those who want to join that list you can find it here 

For those captains who want to have access to the list, contact your summer league coordinator. Dave French for Tuesday, Tara MacLeod for Thursday.

It’s A Wrap

The weather cooperated long enough that Monday Indoor first session finals were able to be held.

Look at all those good looking, happy people!

Local Prehistoric Roundstone Tossing Club took the game beating Ready to Rumble.

Were these the MVP’s of the game? And what are they drinking you ask? I’m pretty sure it must be apple juice.

Congrats to all players on both teams.

Let the next session of fun begin!

Women Needed Monday Indoor

artist rendition of woman playing ultimate

The second session of Monday Indoor will be starting next week. We have had some last minute openings for our ladies.

It’s a great way to improve your skills, get in shape for summer league, or to add a bit of fun every week. (It also helps the countdown to summer go that much quicker, trust me.)

If you are interested, or know someone who might be please contact our industrious League Coordinator Sam Morris