Call Out to All the Women…

artist rendition of woman playing ultimate

Indoor, both Monday and Thursday, is still in need of a couple women. If you are a woman, or define yourself a woman, PUL needs you.

It will be fun. I promise. And, there are other benefits too. Like, practicing your throws in a windless environment. Or, playing with someone you haven’t played with before.

Get off that fence you are sitting on and sign up.

Registration is officially over, but you can reach out to our phenomenal Indoor LC’s, Dana Elliott (Monday’s) and Chloe Corbeil (Thursday’s) and let them know. They will be so happy to hear from you!

Inaugural Junior Indoor Session

Juniors Logo

PUL is excited to announce the launch of our first Junior Indoor Session for participants aged 13-17 (born 2002-2006). This one-hour, 12 week session will focus on skill development through drills and 4v4 games.

Will be held Monday evenings, 7:00-8:00 at the Spiplex Dome, starting October 21st.

Designed for advanced recreational and competitive players. Space is limited to 40 participants, 20 male and 20 female.

Questions? Contact our Operations Coordinator, Jocelyne Stone


*But don’t forget to sign into your Zurulu account first.

Did You Know?

A million rubber pellets await thee.

Monday Indoor is expanding?

Yep, this baby is growing up and expanding to include two more teams. 6 teams in total. This means more opportunity to play ultimate. What can be better than that?

Played outdoor, but never indoor? Want to work on a throw in a windless environment? Meet some more peeps of our great PUL community? Whatever the reason, this really is a great opportunity. You should really take advantage.

Head on over to head on over to our site and register. (Look, I have even made it simple easy by creating a link. So really all the hard work is done).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our new Monday Indoor Coordinator, Dana Elliott. She’ll happily help you out.

The turf is calling. See you on the field.